Rear Dormer Loft Conversion  

Structural Engineer: Morgan Engineering Consultants Limited 
Building Contractor: Steve Wright & Daughter 
Situated in a tranquil cul-de-sac on the outskirts of Colchester City Centre, a client recently approached our architectural practice with a unique request. Their home, a charming structure nestled in a peaceful neighborhood, had become their "forever home" - a place they intended to stay in for many years. Understanding the importance of this space to them, they sought our expertise to maximize its potential. The client was clear in their vision: they wanted to enhance their living experience by making the best use of the available space, ensuring every cm of their home was tailored to their needs and desires. 
Excited by the possibilities, they shared their ideas with us, eager to see how this space could be transformed. Our team listened intently, absorbing their aspirations and beginning to form a plan that would bring their vision to life. Working closely with the client, we embarked on a meticulous planning process for the loft conversion. The challenge was to create additional living space without disrupting the existing harmony and flow of the house.  
After completing the design iterations and collaborative discussions, we finalized a plan that seamlessly integrated the loft into the overall structure of the home. The result was the addition of three new rooms on the second floor, each thoughtfully designed to serve specific functions while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the house. Through careful planning and design, we ensured that these new spaces felt like a natural extension of the home, enhancing its character and utility while minimizing disruption to the rest of the house. 

The Final Designs 


Our Gallery 

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