Home Extensions 

At Invent Architecture & Design we’re experts in working with residential property.  
Adding an Extension to your home is a fantastic way of gaining valuable space, whilst adding a brand new, fresh environment for you and your family to enjoy.  
Many people choose to extend their property over moving home, this is because it can be much cheaper, and a lot less hassle too. 
We find that the most common choice is to create an open plan living space for socialising and family life, however we at Invent Architecture & Design have created a vast array of extension designs with different purposes. 
Extensions can also be more than one storey high, in various shapes and sizes, and this allows for even more space depending on your budget and requirements within the overall designs. 

ExtendingYour Home 

If you want to extend your home, have you thought about what you would like to do with the extra space you'd gain? Why are you looking to gain that extra space? Do you have children that are getting older? Is it for more storage space? 
Not only this, where do you want your Extension to be? Would you have it at the side or rear of your property, or even above your garage?  
Taking these things into consideration will only aid in creating your perfect Extension designs meaning, your property will flow nicely and you shouldn’t be left with any gloomy spaces that end up being used for old boxes. 

What’s Your Budget? 

Thinking about a budget that you can afford will help to ensure a smooth journey along the way, especially when thinking about the materials, fixtures and fittings that you desire.  
As architectural technicians, we can offer modern recommendations that can sit within your budget, ensuring that the final design and scale of your extension goes above and beyond what you would expect. 
The likelihood of needing Planning Permission for your new extension is high, but there’s no need to worry about this as our team have a wealth of experience in this field. As part of the process we will prepare and submit your Planning Application to your Local Authority – taking all of the paperwork stresses away from you as our client. 

How Long Does it Take? 

Although work on your designs may be fairly swift, the legal processes involved can potentially be time consuming. Extending your home takes lots of planning and time to ensure that you get it just right. 
We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients. If you’ve never worked with an architectural technician or designer before we’ll always be on hand to answer your questions.  
To book a consultation with us, simply follow the link below. 

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