Loft Conversions 

At Invent Architecture & Design, we’re experts in working with residential property.  
Adding an Loft Conversion to your home can be a way of gaining valuable space without developing outwards, meaning that your garden or driveway wont be affected by the extra space you'll receive. 
Loft conversions are a brilliant way to introduce a brand new, fresh environment for you and your family to enjoy. From a new bedroom, office, cinema room or master suite, loft conversions are versatile and can be transformed into almost any space you require. 
With a loft conversion, you also gain the added benefits such as better thermal efficiency for the rest of the property, daylight and natural views of the surrounding area. These can be improved further with dormer windows, Velux rooflights and even Velux Cabrio units. 
The most common choice is to create a number of bedrooms, dressing room and en-suite as a private space away from the rest of the family home. 

Converting your Loft 

If you are looking to complete a Loft Conversion, there are a few things to bear in mind with the design process: 
Firstly, the roof structure will need to be able to incorporate a head height of 2.2m at the ridge of the roof, after plaster and insulation has been installed by the builder (we can check this for you as a part of our consultation process if you aren't yet sure of this). 
Alternatively, if the current roof space does not offer the available head height, the roof can be raised to suit these needs - this is a more attactive option if your current roof is in need of significant repair and your property is detached. 
There may also be a need to use space of a small room on the floor below the loft - this will be for the access staircase into the conversion, and determined by the proposed design. It is not always so, and varies from property to property. 
It may also be beneficial to consider installing a dormer unit within the loft, this can increadse both head height and floor space. Dormer units are typically installed to the rear plane of the roof and can potentially be accompanied by building features, such as a Juliet balcony, to enhance the new designs.  
Finally, the current framework which is in your loft will play a factor into the overall design. Struts and trusses may need amending as a part of the process (but don't let that put you off!). 

What’s Your Budget? 

At the time of writing this page, the average cost for a Loft Conversion is usually somewhere between £27,000 and £75,000, according to Checkatrade.com  
These numbers can be influenced by the type of Loft Conversion which the design is geared towards, such as whether a dormer unit is included within the overall cost so it is hard to say exactly what the overall quote will show.  
Loft conversions however, seem to be a very beneficial way of improving the value of your property, especially when a new bedroom is introduced. We understand that the value of the property can be increased by approximately 15% - we do always recommend speaking to an Estate Agent to get full clarity on this matter though. 

How Long Does it Take? 

Work on the initial designs tends to be rather prompt with us at Invent Architecture & Design, and once we understand the layouts our clients are striving for, we can then look to move into a Planning Application package for the permissions from the Local Authority. 
Subject to external factors, consultants diaries and the time of year, we would estimate that a Loft Conversion design can be completed, approved and ready for building between 4 to 6 months from the date of our initial property survey with you. 
The building work is often around 4 months from start to finish as well, subject to the designs, meaning that you should be able to enjoy your newly formed space within the maatter of a year or so.  
We at Invent Architecture & Desin pride ourselves on working closely with our clients. We’ll always be on hand to answer your questions if there is anything you're unsure of or need our help with. 
To book a consultation with us, simply follow the link below and we'll be more than happy to assist. 

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