New Build Dwellings 

At Invent Architecture & Design we’re experts in working with residential property.  
Creating a New Build dwelling is almost a surefire way of maximising your quality of life. By desigining and building an entire environment which is completely bespoke to your needs, you can plan for now, or for 10 years in the future. 
We find that the most common choice is to develop to a plot of land, or knock-down and rebuild a house in place of the previous (and often antiquated) structure.  
New Build dwellings can be designed in all shapes and sizes, and the final product is typically dependent on your budget and requirements within the overall designs! 

Creating a New Build Dwelling 

If you want to design a New Build Dwelling (or multiple), the journey is a little more involved than an extension or a loft conversion.  
We typically recommend approaching the Local Authority with an Outline Application or Pre Application Advice in the first instances, as this can allow for some vital feedback and advice in creating the more bespoke designs. 
Once the initial application is completed, we can then look into moving forward with a more detailed design with you. 

What’s Your Budget? 

Thinking about a budget that you can afford will help to ensure a smooth journey along the way, especially when thinking about your design requirements. 
in terms of the designs themselves, the planning application will be a little more involved than an extension or a loft conversion. Additional information (such as a topographical survey) will be required to show the extents of the land, a Full Planning Application will be needed and it is highly recommended that a Planning Consultant is also drafted in to assist with the application. 
If you are looking to include some bespoke features (such as the glazed apex shown in the image on the left), these can encapsulate quite a large portion, so it's important to make sure that these are factored in. 

How Long Does it Take? 

As the process is a little more involved than other designs, the timescales can be longer than smaller developments. 
We would usually expect the application to take around 6 months, which can potentially be expedited with the relevant reports in place before arranging a Full Planning Application.  
We will look to discuss all of these aspects with you, as each project and potential needs will be bespoke to your individual plot. Get in touch with us by clicking the button below and our team will be happy to help you with your enquiries and requirements. 

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