At Invent Architecture & Design we’re experts in working with residential property.  
Adding a Porch to the front of your property can benefit your home in many ways, both practically and aestherically. 
Many people choose to add a porch to their property as a part of a larger project, such as an extension or a loft conversion, however this is not always the case. 
We find that the most common reason that people choose to have a porch is so that they can make a dedicated area for outdoor clothes, footwear and pet accessories. 
Porches come in a multitude of designs, and can have many different types of roof structures and features.  

Adding a Porch 

If you want to add a porch to your home, have you thought about what you would like to do with the extra space you'd gain? 
Is it for more storage space? Are you looking for greater curb appeal? Maybe it's a bit of both? 
Would you like your porch to be an open structure? How much glazing would be sought? 
Taking these things into consideration will only aid in creating your perfect porch designs, meaning, your property will flow nicely and you shouldn’t be left with any gloomy spaces that end up being used for old boxes. 

What’s Your Budget? 

Thinking about a budget that you can afford will help to ensure a smooth journey along the way, especially when thinking about the materials, fixtures and fittings that you're looking to install. 
As architectural technicians, we can offer modern recommendations that can sit within your budget, ensuring that the final design and scale of your extension goes above and beyond what you would expect. 

How Long Does it Take? 

Although work on your designs may be fairly swift, the legal processes involved can potentially be time consuming. Adding a porch to your home takes lots of planning and time to ensure that you get it just right. 
We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients. If you’ve never worked with an architectural technician or designer before we’ll always be on hand to answer your questions.  
To book a consultation with us, simply follow the link below. 

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